“The Look for Less”/ “Fashion Déjà Vu”: Rihanna vs. Kristin Cavallari vs. Kim Cattrall in “Blonds Spike Dress”

Rihanna first wore this $5,000 Blonds dress back in November, then Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wore it in “The Sex and the City 2” movie  and just last week Kristin Cavallari wore it to the “Salt” movie premiere. What makes this dress stand out is that the shoulder pads  look like spikes. But each dress is made special order so the price tag can even go over the $5,000 I stated earlier. So here are a few look-alikes for the budget savvy:

The Blonds Silk Jersey Dress With Spiked Shoulders Profile Photo

RIHANNA VS. KRISTIN  photo | Kristin Cavallari, Rihanna


Stud Shoulder Tunic Dress – Length 33in   £40.00   Sizes 12-32    www.simplybe.co.uk

Changes ShoulderDetail Dress-Length 36in   £65.00   Sizes 14-32   www.simplybe.co.uk

or you can pair this shirt with a skirt to give a similiar effect:

BEADED FRINGE SHOULDER TOP     $58.98 $72.68 AUD    www.citychiconline.com