The B-Styles Kid of the Day: “Qua’edyn Imani Goins”

As a parent I have a weak spot for cute little kiddies and today’s honor goes to a little princess I’ve been watching for a while, Qua’edyn Goins.  I’m facebook friends with & have modeled before with Qua’edyn’s mom, Quansilla Goins, so I get to see all the pics she post of Qua’edyn’s pageants. Can you say adorable? Almost makes me want to try again for a little girl….almost, lol. Anyway, I decided to make Qua’edyn my first “Kid of the Day” because she so deserves it. (Plus she’s currently in the running for the “Cute Kids Contest” so be sure to vote for her!)

Qua’edyn Imani Goins was born October 7th 2006 to Quansilla Goins and Franklin Derricott II.  Born with a head full of hair, Qua’edyn was introduced to the hair styling aspect of fashion at the very beginning!  She loved getting her hair done, and loved to do her dolls hair to match.  Having a mom that dipped into modeling in her teens, she was introduced to the rest of the industry quickly.  At the age of just 18months, Qua’edyn made her debut as the cover model for the November 2007 issue of All About Kids Magazine.  She sub sequentially started pageantry and modeling.


Now, at age 3 Qua’edyn excels in the pageant industry and is now looking to do more runway and print modeling.  She adapted the name “Imani Fierce” from a family friend due to her total image and focus on stage.  Qua’edyn transforms like no other into a true competitor on stage.  Her focus and dedication has made her a leading competitor in the pageant industry.  Along w/many Queen titles, some of the larger titles she holds includes; Toddler Miss East Coast Virginia 2009, Blossoming Beauties Grand Supreme 2010, Universal Beauties and Beaus Toddler Queen 2010 & Dixieland Dolls & Darlings Overall Most Beautiful VA State 2010.  Her next pageant adventure will be at Virginia’s Fabulous Dolls where she is practicing hard for yet another title!  Along with her next pageant, she is currently in an online photo contest.  In July 2010 she did a photo shoot at Bumble & Co with Real Life Studios for the contest and had a great time!  She hopes to win the contest where not only she will win great prizes, but a portion of the proceeds go towards the Down Syndrome Foundation of Richmond. Along with her pageants, Community Service plays a huge role in her day to day life!


During her downtime, Qua’edyn loves playing w/her cousins and recently started Christian School wear she participates in daily prayer and community activities!  After a long day Qua’edyn comes home and just wants a cool Popsicle, her dolls, and most important….time to Watch Dora the Explorer!



Look out for Qua’edyn Imani! She’s a force to be reckoned with!


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