FFFWeek™ Fashion Front Spotlight: “Curvaceous Boutique”

Last week it was announced that myself and 12 other top bloggers were chosen to be a part of “The Fashion Front for Full Figured Fashion Week™”. What that entails is that I will be bringing you behind the scenes footage, info and more about all things related to “Full Figured Fashion Week™”. So with that said this week I’d like to spotlight a personal favorite store of mine, “Curvaceous Boutique”. Now I have featured Curvaceous Boutique before on my blog, but today is extra special because she is now a featured presenter for the finale show during Full Figured Fashion Week™ in New York City this coming June. I first got introduced to boutique owner, Cassandra, a few years back thru Myspace and then we actually met at a fashion show where her clothes were featured. Not to mention the fact that Curvaceous Boutique is located right here in Virginia so I’m proud to spotlight her today. You can’t help but to fall in love at first sight with these clothes. I like the idea that Cassandra only sells plus-size clothes with an edge. Nothing is ever boring in her boutique. If you’ve seen some of my “Outfit of the Day” post then you know that I like things that you may not see on everybody else. Curvaceous Boutique offers that and more. Her clothes can take you from red-carpet affairs to a night on the town with your better half. Curvaceous Boutique offers plus size trendy clothing for curvy women. It is the source for unique and head turning fashions and concentrates on women’s wear sizes 14-24.

Cassandra Savage, understands the hardships of finding trendy plus size clothing as being a curvy woman herself. This sympathy enables her to be passionate about the lack of plus size consideration in the fashion industry since the average woman is size 14. After working in the telecommunications and financial industry for over 15 years, Ms. Savage became quite dismayed with the monotony of plus size fashions. She was frustrated with the offerings of this category in woman’s wear because most only offered maternal styles for the full figured woman. Always having a passion for fashion, she decided to fill hole in the fashion industry. An African-American woman who is at the heart of the fashion, she possesses a unique ability to merge cultures through a shared appreciation for style. With a prayer and a dream it all started in 2006, Curvaceous Boutique opened its doors in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Today, her face can be seen on the covers of national and local magazines, in addition to a recent TV spot on BET Jazz (Tears, Shears & Beauty). Ms. Savage is a highly sought after fashion liaison for her countless roles in Hair and Fashion Shows.

Curvaceous Boutique is a channel for the complete look by offering clothes, bags and jewelry. Providing current fashions for plus size women is one goal for Curvaceous Boutique, but another goal is providing plus size women with key information on how to dress their body appropriately such as offering a key undergarment SPANX and BODY MAGIC. Curvaceous Boutique teaches plus size women their silhouettes works best by accentuating their best features and hiding trouble areas. Plus size women come in many shapes and sizes, yet it caters towards all of them.

(Above) Me on my birthday in the “Mia Ruffle Dress” from Curvaceous Boutique/September 2009

My Q & A with Cassandra:


What made you want to open a plus-size clothing boutique?

I  worked  in  corporate  America  for  over  10 years, during  this  time  I  found  it  very  difficult  to  find clothing  that  was  trendy and  age appropriate.  I was corporately downsized in 2007.  Curvaceous  has  been  a  dream  of  mine  for  many  years. There was a need  for fashionable, trendy clothing and the  current  selections  in  commercial  retail  chains  was  less  than desirable. After much prayer, I stepped out in faith and open the doors of Curvaceous Boutique 2007.


Did you find it difficult in the beginning to get patrons to support your idea of an “All” plus-size boutique?

No, back  in  2007 there  was  no  competition for  me  in  Virginia , the  market  was  fresh. The  only  challenge  I  have  ever  encountered  is  the  education  of  my  clientele  in  the   price  point of  my  product  and  $7 store. “Quality vs. Quantity”


How long have you been in the fashion business?


Professionally, Curvaceous bouitique, LLC.   just  celebrated  a land  mark  anniversary  of  4  years in   business. During  these trying  economic  time, with  my  faith and  the  help  of  the  God, he  has  made  me recession proof. Personally,  It all  began  with my Grandmother Daisy and my Mother  Lady E., theses  two iconic  women propelled  me  into  the  world  with  a  love  and  appreciation  of Fashion.  I am a symbol of excellence because of these women.

What has been your biggest success story from serving plus-size women with your boutique?

There  is  not  one  story  I  can  pin point,  but  the  constant testimonials via  email,, and  phone  calls,   of  women  have  been  inspired  and  transformed  because  of  me  and  my store. My  business   is  not  just  a  store  , its   a  ministry, you  would  never  believe the  countless  young  girls  who were  depressed  because  they  could  not  fit  the clothes in  the mall  or women who  wanted  a sexy  dress  to  go out with  there  girlfriend  but  could  never  find  that  perfect  dress. I  am  constantly  encouraging  young  women  who  feel  worthless and have  no  confidence. I am constantly asked, “Where do you  get  your  confidence from” It  all  starts  with  self-love,  you  must  love  yourself and  your  curves.



Can you describe your personal fashion style?


My  personal  style is very  diversified, not  definitive  upon a  label  or  a  designer. Image is everything to me; I love the complete look from makeup, heels to Uggs.



What is your biggest seller at the moment?

Curvaceous Boutique bigesst seller is the Jill 1 Shoulder Kimono Dress & ALL my skinny jeans..


Do you plan to expand your boutique nationally?

YES, with  the  help  of  God  my  goal  is for  Curvaceous  to  become  a  national chain  across  the  continental  United  States and  abroad.

GREAT NEWS: Curvaceous Boutique Owner, Cassandra, just informed me that she just named the above dress after me. What an honor. I am so excited right now. This dress is gorgeous and should be available for purchase soon!!!