“The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style” by Chastity Garner

Ok, I think I have found my new pocket guide to being a curvy gal. I recently had the wonderful opportunity of meeting one of my longtime “curvy idols”  Chastity Garner. She is one of the 1st plus-sized stylist that I admired when I got started in this business a few years ago.  I was delighted to  find out that she stepped outside the box and wrote a book for us entitled, ” The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style”.  When I met her, Chastity’s demeanor was so sweet and down to earth and I really appreciated her support for me, especially coming from someone in the same field.    I purchased the book at her book signing at Lane Bryant, NYC, at her meet & greet during FFFW. I started reading the book on my way home from NYC and although I have not finished it, I am recommending it just off of the 1st few chapters that I read.  She breaks down ALL the different types of body shapes we come in and how to dress for each one as well as giving tips that we can use in everyday life. I’m not at Oprah status (yet) but this is a must read. Chastity’s book is available for only $15 on her site at www.garnerstyle.com

Me & Chastity at Book Signing: