Fashionable Children’s Clothing & Accessories

There’s an old saying that goes, “A child should be seen and not heard”. I fully support that. There’s nothing better than a well behaved, mannerable child. But that child should also be well groomed too. If you as a parent are gonna walk around in designer or decent clothing, then so should your child. Don’t get me wrong, if you can’t afford it, then no you shouldn’t spend a fortune on your kids clothing. But just make sure that they are presentable when they leave the house for school , church, etc. So with that said, I’m sharing some cute kiddie duds that I’ve found at different boutiques:

Celeb Kiddies:

Trunk Ltd – Kid’s Beatles Fab 4 T-Shirt       $48

Burberry   $50=$115

Lacoste Piqué Polo Shirt (Little Boys)

Lacoste Piqué Polo Shirt (Little Boys)   $40

True Religion Brand Jeans 'Rainbow Joey' Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Toddler & Little Girls)

True Religion Brand Jeans ‘Rainbow Joey’ Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Toddler & Little Girls)   $150

Boys’ leather driving mocs

Stella McCartney Mercy crochet butterfly sweater   $39.99  Gap Kids

John Galliano Boys Gazette Set   $114-$222

(BUGABOO)RED Cameleon Denim Stroller   $1,029

Bvlgari Essentials Kit   $115

Armani Baby Infant’s Bottle   $45


The Famous Tiffany and Co. Sterling Silver Baby Rattle   $255

The new “denim” diaper from Huggies

This video for the Huggies diaper is too cute:

Children’s Styling that I’ve done: