B.B. Homemaker Recipe: “Budweiser BBQ Chicken”

Many of you already know this, and some don’t, but in addition to fashion I enjoy cooking. Very often cooking & cleaning are my relaxation time . So with that being said, I’ve decided to start blogging on my favorite recipes from time to time. Of course I got the name “B.B. Homemaker” from watching Beyonce’s video where she’s being domesticated. That’s me everyday so why not use the name, lol. Today I’m going to feature this new BBQ sauce I came across by “Budweiser”. Yes the beer company has tapped into the food market. Now as I’ve stated before, I don’t drink, except for that one glass I had last night, but I wanted to try this just for the experiment. One thing I will state up front is that all my seasonings DO NOT have to be a name brand so if you follow this recipe it’s up to you which brand you choose to use. I just try to make sure that I buy low-sodium or fat free products. (I’m not perfect, and yes I do cheat from time to time with my meals, but I DO TRY to cook healthy to a certain degree most of the time). But I will mention that my favorite seasonings are Lawry’s, Accent & Mrs. Dash. Ok, so here’s the step by step directions of how to create this dish:

What you need:

-Chicken breast, quarters or what ever pieces you like

-A bag of frozen onions & peppers combined

-2 bottles of BBQ sauce,  some Karo Syrup & Hot Sauce

-Lite Salt & Pepper

-Low-Sodium Lawry’s, Accent, Mrs. Dash, Meat Tenderizer, Soul Food Seasoning & Sylvia’s Chicken Seasoning


-#1, this is very important, YOU MUST thoroughly wash the chicken first, remove all your hand jewelry & use latex/vinyl gloves when cooking. (Even if it is just for you & your family, cleanliness is key)

-Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees

-I prefer foil pans, (for easy cleanup), so I then place clean chicken evenly in pan

-I use a bag of frozen onions & peppers, rinsed off, and put allover the chicken

-I then add my seasonings from above (I use a little of each, no particular measurement, just use your best judgement)

-Next I pour one bottle of BBQ sauce over chicken, then roll chicken around in it and then add the other bottle of BBQ sauce

-Lastly I pour a little Karo Syrup & Hot Sauce on top of the chicken and put sum water in the bottom of the pan

-Now you’re all ready to place food in oven, just cover with aluminum foil and place on a cookie sheet in center of oven

-Cook for 2.5hrs and Voila!!!

O.K. now that I look at my plate, today was one of my cheat days but it tasted so very good, lol