My interview with Glen Johnson of Full Figure Plus

I recently did an one-on-one interview with Glen Johnson of Full Figure Plus. Full Figure Plus is a blogsite that entails alot of information for plus-size women from a male point of view. I thank Glen so much for this spotlight and be sure to check out his site, Here’s the interview…..


Today you are going to get a chance to meet Bella Styles, stylist and entrepreneur extraordinaire. I have known about her for some time but only recently reached out to get to know her a bit better. In the continuing 10 question  series you get a chance to get to know Bella. Enjoy.

  1. Where do you call home? I currently live in Richmond, Virginia but travel very often to various places for fashion shows and events.
  2. Did the name Bella Styles come up before or after you started a blog? I got the nickname Bella as a youngster as sort of a joke but it kinda stuck with me through the years. I have always been stylish so when it came time to decide on a business name I combined the two to form “Bella Styles.”
  3. Why did you decide to start your blog? This past May I instructed one of the classes for The Plus Academy VIRGINIA and realized on that day that I have a lot of information and insight to give to people. I have always re-posted informative bulletins on Facebook and Myspace but that day of class is what made me realize that I need my own platform to share all my valuable info. I started my blog on my personal website,, in May but recently had to move the Bella Style’s Blog to WordPress because I had so much content to share. I feel so blessed to have such a large following and for people to really appreciate what I do. I just reached over 10,000 visitors this week and have only been on my new blog url for almost a month
  4. Who are you looking to reach with your writing?  I aim to reach plus-size women who may not know how to or feel motivated enough to be fashionable and stylish. My aim is to be a positive example of how a woman with “curves” can look great and be “model material”. Unlike what mainstream media wants us to believe. But I also blog on straight-size fashions, modeling auditions, beauty items, celebs, savings & designer inspired looks, children’s fashion, recipes, traveling and more. So there’s something for everyone!
  5. How did you come to be a writer for SKORCH? It was from my constant informative bulletins and pictures that I frequently posted on Myspace relating to plus-size fashion and events that Jessica Kane, Owner of SKORCH, contacted me to become the Fashion Editor. I know alot of people have their reservations about social sites but if you market yourself correctly, these platforms can open many doors. You never know who’s watching your page!
  6. What exactly does a stylist do?  A stylist is someone who assists a client who may not have time to shop, the fashion knowledge to know the trends or a client who may be a little insecure about certain things. I almost become like a sister or BFF to clients once we start shopping & trying on different looks. Although I always remain professional, you have to “really” get to know the client in order to learn their style, fashion sense & body type. A stylist also helps models on photo-shoots with their looks. We may see the little things from afar that you yourself would overlook.
  7. Is it different styling for plus size women? Yes, there is a major difference from styling straight-size women. Firstly, there aren’t as many mainstream stores that cater to plus sizes like they do straight-size women. (But hopefully that’s all about to change). The stores that are dedicated strictly to plus-size women are shopped at by “every” plus-size woman so you’re likely to see yourself replicated if you don’t really style an outfit correctly. So it’s really a time consuming task. I personally have found out recently that there are alot of very “stylish & upbeat” fashion lines from the UK that cater to plus-sizes. So with that said, I have to allow for the extra time for the shipments to arrive. Next, curvy women’s body shapes are so different. You have to make sure that they are wearing the proper “foundations” underneath their clothing in order for the garments to look presentable.
  8. What challenges do you face styling plus sizes?  As I just stated plus-size women have to wear the proper foundations under their clothing. I often find that some curvy ladies are in denial about themselves and don’t want to wear Spanx or a Girdle. They don’t seem to realize that when you go on set for a photoshoot ‘everything’ must be proportioned and presentable. This has been my biggest challenge styling a plus-size woman.
  9. When did you know that being a stylist was what you wanted to do? When I was in middle school I always was the one who took chances with my fashion. I never let my size deter me in any way. I felt “model” in my bones back then. I was blessed enough to be able to frequent NYC so I always came back with unique stuff. I would wear the bob wigs and MCM bags before anyone down here in Va knew about them. I always liked to be ahead of the crowd and trends. It came so natural to me but I realized that some women really struggle with fashion. So once I became grown and went out into the workforce I was always complemented on my attire. People were constantly asking me, “Where’d you get that outfit?” or “How’d you think to put that together?”. It sort of became an ego booster and I said to myself, “Why not get paid for my advice?”. Therefore back in 2005 I developed my company “Bella Styles Personal Shopping & Fashion Styling” to assist others with my talents.
  10. From a stylist point of view what did you think of Full Figured Fashion Week™? Well I didn’t arrive to NYC until that Friday but the buzz allover the internet was already wild. I went right into a panel discussion where we discussed the business side of the plus-size industry. But for the actual finale show I have to say that I was “wowwed’. Never have I gone to a plus-size fashion show where all the clothing I can say that I wanted to go home with. This was my first time really seeing “curvy couture” looks. I would have thought the designers were Jean Paul Gaultier & Givenchy if I didn’t know better. It gave me such a thrill in my stomach to see beautiful, well put together models and designs on the runway. You could tell that this was a “production” and not just another show. I have been dreaming about this day for awhile and I think that mainstream fashion lines will open their eyes to “curvy ladies” on the runway thanks to Ms. Gwen DeVoe’s vision.

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