My Review of Faith 21 Clothing

I took some time out today to actually play dress up and try on clothing from the plus-size line of Forever 21’s store called Faith 21. I know I’m usually ranting about how I love everything I blog on but I finally found a label that I can say that there is nothing “faithful” about. I could kinda tell from looking online that the clothes were “cheaply” made and I was right. It seems like every skirt is a mini and doesn’t have enough material in it. This line is definately catered to the “junior” or younger plus size crowd. The prices are very inexpensive so I guess you get what you pay for. I tried on a few pieces and although I will say that their clothes are really cute, everything fits really tight or had ill-fitting material in it. That’s why I always tell clients to try clothes on no matter what size you “think” you may wear. I can usually fit a size 2X/3X at any other store but in Faith 21 they would have to go up to a 5X in order for the clothing to fit me comfortably. I think that their plus size line is made for curvy women who are on the smaller plus-size side like a size 14-16. Now I know alot of you ladies have hangups about “label sizes” but you have to “always” go by fit not numbers. You would really have to wear a foundation with some of these pieces that I tried on. Now granted I did buy a studded vest from them when the store first opened here in Richmond months ago but that doesn’t have any buttons or anything on it so it fit pretty well. Overall I will just wait and see if they improve on the quality of their clothing because as of right now, I don’t have alot of “faith” in Faith 21 clothing 😦

Sequin mini-skirt & Teal blouse $25 each  (This skirt is really cute but just a tad too short and skimpy for me; The shirt is gorgeous in the back but once again needs to be a little larger)

Grey mini-skirt $9.80

Grey strapless dress $22.80

 Above dress is  around $25 ( I did really like this one but left it in store because I woulda liked it a tad bit larger)

*Above review is just my opinion and individual results may differ