The SimplyBe USA Fall Collection

I’ve been waiting for the expansion of the new SimplyBe  Fall collection ever since I saw that they now offer US shopping. Well the time has finally arrived. Here are some of the new items:

 Joe Browns Overwhelming Skirt - Length 33in

Joe Browns Overwhelming Skirt   $90

Anna Scholz Frill Sleeve Top - Length 31in

Anna Scholz Frill Sleeve Top   $83

Anna Scholz Pencil Skirt - Length 25in

Anna Scholz Pencil Skirt   $67

Mica Print Skirt-length 17in

Mica Print Skirt   $58

Viva La Diva High Peep Toe E Fit  $77.00

Anna Scholz Sequin Dress - Length 36in

Anna Scholz Sequin Dress   $105

Mica Shiny Leggings- Length 28in

Mica Shiny Leggings   $36

Croc Effect Bag   $41.00

Joe Browns Retro Knit Tunic $75.00