MAC Disney Villains “Mean & Green” Nail Polish (Review)

Like most MAC fanatics I waited patiently since earlier this year for the new “Disney Villains” collection which premiered last week. It is a line of make-up all solely based off of the evil characters from some of your favorite Disney movies. I had blogged on it when I first heard of the line coming out and I was on Nordstrom’s website all day last Wednesday when it debuted, a day early in fact. I got my shipment on Monday and today decided to try out the new nail polish while getting my nails done.  I purchased from the “Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty” collection. As I look at the MAC website and Nordstrom’s website, they are already sold out online but you may have luck in store purchasing from this collection.

Today I’m gonna give you my review on the “Mean & Green” nail lacquer ($11). In the bottle it appears pinkish with green undertones but once the nail tech applied it, it’s a really sheeny green. Now I just got a full-set of nails a few weeks ago and I have the white tips on and that made the color even harder to see so she had to do 3 coats of this polish for the full effect. (I usually keep my nails short but I left them long for the “Villain” effect, #EVL).

As I got outside in the sun, the polish appeared purple-ish. I absolutely love it. It’s as if I have 3D nails. When I came back in the house they appeared bronze-ish. So overall, I have gone from 3-4 different nail colors in the last hour. I Love it!!!!

I ordered much more from the Villains collection so more reviews to come soon!!!