The Look for Less: “The Signature Chanel Tweed Jacket vs. Ashley Stewart”

So I was in Ashley Stewart earlier for business and the first thing I see when I walked thru the door was a Chanel looking jacket hanging on the mannequin. I have always been a fan of this jacket but of course it wasn’t made in plus-size, or my price range for that matter. But hopefully all that is about to change since more upscale designers are including plus-size selections in their upcoming collections. Just this week designer Karl Lagerfeld debuted his Spring 2011 collection for Chanel during Paris Fashion Week and he re-introduced the famous tweed material into alot of  his new line. Many celebs have been spotted wearing the famous $1,000 tweed signature jackets and a woman of a certain age on down to a 20-somethin year old can wear this style too. I personally like how ladies pair it with jeans and pumps for a hip look. Well Ashley Stewart has just introduced a very close replica of the Chanel jacket and I was so excited to see it in store and try it on. I had to pry myself away from it because I’m “trying” to put myself on “shopping restriction”, this week, but for those of you who may like it, it’s part of the buy one/get one half off  sale right now!

Chanel Jacket $1,000

The Chanel Spring 2011 Fashion Show this week in Paris:

(Below) The Ashley Stewart “Chanel” Look-A-Like Jacket  $59.99

Gemstone Jacket