OOTD: “Torrid Tripp Shirt & Z. Cavaricci Wedge Boots”

I’m just doing a quick post on my outfit that I wore last night to run a few errands. I wanted something comfy so I grabbed my new Torrid Tripp shirt and their boots. I made a great choice. I like when shirts have stretch in them so it accents the waist area. What caught my attention to this shirt online was the tie-dyed sorta bleached look. We see this alot on jeans but not so much on tops. With the button tab sleeves I could really move around comfortably and not have to worry about constantly keep pushing them up.

Now for the boots I wore the Z. Cavaricci Wedge. If you remember I did a post on the trend of  “fold-over” looking boots recently and that’s what made me get these. Plus I have discovered that wedges are very comfortable shoes. (But these wedge are probably better worn on a night out on the town instead of running errands, lol. ). I’ve noticed that Torrid’s boots are made for wider calves and women with larger feet and that couldn’t be a more perfect thing. You don’t have to worry about the top part squeezing your legs to death. So if you love fashionable boots but are worried about them fitting comfortably around your legs, worry no more. Believe me, these are made “especially” for us “curvy” gals!


Tripp – Black Wash Roll Sleeve Top   $54   Sizes 0-5 (Plus)   &

Z. Cavaricci Couture – Missy Black Knee-High Wedge Boot (Wide Width)   $68




Tripp - Black Wash Roll Sleeve Top SKU: 519672Z. Cavaricci Couture - Missy Black Knee-High Wedge Boot (Wide Width) SKU: 588737

Order items  at http://www.torrid.com