The 2010 “Kardashian” Christmas Card

The tradition of the Kardashian family to pose annually for Christmas continued this year with their Christmas Card 2010 photo. The family of Kardashians, known for their reality TV shows, has published a set of of photos for their Christmas greeting cards, all wearing a formal wear with the background of their grand stair.

One of the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian, expressed in her blog that this year’s Kardashian family Christmas Card 2010 is extra special because there’s an additional member to the family. “Every year the whole family gets together to take pics for our family Christmas card. This year was extra special because we had a new addition to the family… little Mason! “We went super glam this year and each went for our own look. (To me though it’s kinda reminiscent of “The Addams Family”)