B.B. Homemaker Recipe: “The Bella Styles Famous Pot Roast”

I know it’s been forever since I posted one of my recipes but what better time than now. It’s Christmas day and I’m doing my famous pot roast. Whenever I do this dish I get rave reviews. I’ve heard quite a few people say that they can’t cook or come to me for recipes, but I’m here to tell you that anyone can do this easy meal.  Tip number one, invest in a crock pot, and your food will practically cook itself. I’m a neat freak so tip number two is to buy slow cooker liners for easy cleanup. Ok, let’s get started on this easy and delicious meal.

What you need:

– Bottom Round Roast

– 2 Onions

– One bag of Baby Peeled Carrots (or canned carrots)

– Baby Red or White Potatoes (or canned potatoes)

-Spices (to your preference)

First, a few of my favorite seasonings are Lawry’s, Sylvia’s and Mrs. Dash. These are my key spices


Now, line the slow cooker with the plastic liner and after thoroughly washing off your meat and veggies, add them to the pot. While all the food is in the pot season it with pepper, salt, soul food seasoning, meat tenderizer, the seasonings from above, 3 beef bouillon cubes and then top it off with beef broth to make the roast moist and tender. Turn the meat over and over as you season it. Once done with that, poke holes in the meat with a knife to ensure that the flavors and heat will go all the way thru. (Turn the meat over once after about the 4th hour of cooking). Now you’re all done. Just put the top on the crock pot and sit back and relax and let the roast cook itself, on high, for  around 7 hours and voila:

Christmas Dinner is Served!!!