“The You Gals Lunch, Learn & Line Dance”

Well Happy New Year to everyone and I’m sure as most people do, you have made new years resolutions. The number one resolution that’s usually on everyone’s list is to lose weight. Well I have the perfect opportunity for you to start off right. Last summer I blogged on “YouGals” (“The B-Styles Curvy Girls of the Day”: YOU Gals) and now I have the inside info on their first event of 2011. Next Saturday, YouGals will be having a luncheon and line dance here in Richmond, Virginia. Below is the info:


The deadline to register is on 01/05/2011

Luncheon details:

The luncheon will provide you with the ammo needed to jump start your weight loss goals and to continue on your path to pursuing your goals and life passions.

Guest speaker and Executive Coach Guenet Beshah will be speaking on the topic of Resiliency and discussing how we all have the ability and power to bounce back from challenging times and setbacks. She will share tips and exercises that can be applied to either weight loss, personal hurdles and any situation you may be encountering in life.

After lunch the hottest dance instructor Kemel Patton will be taking you to the dance floor and teaching everyone the latest and greatest line dances out there. Come join them and get your wobble on!!!!

Tickets are on sale now!!! Register at:

www.theyougals.com (click on upcoming events)

Hope to see you there!!!

Location: Marriott Hotel
4240 Dominion Blvd
Glen Allen, VA

Time: 12p – 3p

Cost: $25.00