The Look For Less: “The YSL ‘Palais’ Pumps vs. Bakers”

Well, well, well, what do we have here. When I tell you that I have been waiting for a “replica” shoe like this, believe me. I first fell in love with the Yves Saint Laurent, or YSL, pump called the “Palais” when it debuted last year. But I honestly wasn’t gonna shell out $720 on a “trendy” pump like this just yet. (Well not until I get to “thousandaire” status anyway, lol). Then it came out with a mohawk style for $935 later on last year.  YSL has come out with signature heel pumps over the last few seasons and other designers often tend to replicate them very well. Take for instance the popular YSL Tribute pump. Steve Madden and others have come up with very similar styles to it. But I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone got this new Palais heel down pack. To my surprise I just woke up to an email from Bakers and they’re having a weekend special on a shoe by The Wild Pair that looks almost identical to the YSL. I’m jumping  for joy right about now. The Wild Pair shoe comes in my size, various colors and is only $69.99 this weekend. Whoot, whoot, now if only they would do a mohawk version too I’d be set!

(Above) YSL Palais Pumps  $720 & $935 (Mohawk Style)


(Above)  Theresa WP  Was $90  Now $69.99  Sizes 5-11