The B-Styles Curvy Girl Of The Day (Celeb Spotlight): “Shanda Freeman of MTV’s ‘Man and Wife’ TV Show”

I know its been a while since I posted a “Curvy Girl of the Day” blog but I wanted  to wait and bring the hotness with a special young lady that I’ve been a fan of for some time now.  Mrs. Shanda Freeman better known as one half of the host on MTV’s “Man and Wife” show.  That’s right Shanda is the wife to famed hip-hop hypeman Fat Man Scoop.  I first met Shanda in the summer of 2009 during the “Diva Day Makeover” festivities here in Richmond where I was the mistress of ceremonies and Shanda was a guest speaker. I immediately loved her vibe and personality. It’s always nice to meet someone with  a genuine caring aura about themselves and others. Shanda had her sister Cathy with her and for a couple of days we all hung with the entire Unforgettable Woman crew and had fun and laughs.

(Above, Myself & Shanda at “The Martini Kitchen” in Richmond, VA)

During Shanda’s speech at the “Diva Day Makeover” she brought many of us to tears. It’s amazing the struggles some of us go thru in life and even more of a blessing when we’re able to persevere thru them and still come out on top. Shanda’s story of her past relationships and turmoils was an eye opener and in the end her speech gave me inspiration that you CAN make it no matter what your past has been.

Anyway, a few years ago Shanda and her husband, Fat Man Scoop, created a relationship tv show for MTV entitled, “Man and Wife”. The show was a spin-off of their podcasts on You Tube giving relationship advice to their fans and viewers. After just watching the first episode I was hooked. I love their direct to the point and no holds barred approach to the viewers questions. Born and raised in Newburgh, NY, Shanda  worked in HIV/AIDS Services for over 5 years and enjoys bringing Man and Wife to you every week! The show allows her to talk about things that she says she  loves to discuss; Sex and Relationships! Shanda says the show has also helped her marriage because it keeps the communication in the relationship open and constistant, which is something they always promote.

Well I just discovered Shanda’s other hidden talent….fashion vlogging. I’ve always loved how she can rock a kimono styled dress like no other and they fit her oh so well. She has given designer Rachel Pally a household name in the curvy community by wearing many of her designs. Nowadays Shanda is doing a weekly You Tube broadcast called “F.A.T. Friday’s” where she shares her new finds of the week with all of her viewers. I must say that I’m a subscriber and I haven’t been disappointed at all. Often Shanda has her sister Cathy and her daughter to be models for her during the broadcast which is great because you get to see the clothing that she’s vlogging about on an actual curvy body. I see big things in the fashion future for Ms. Shanda and I’m so honored that she took a few moments out of her schedule to interview with me today. Please read below for our Q & A session:


1) What made you and your husband “Fat Man Scoop” decide on doing “The Man and Wife Show”?

My husband and I started Man and Wife based on our great communication as a couple. This was both our second marriages and we felt proud of our relationship and what we learned from our pasts. It felt right to share that with the world and allow people a safe place to discuss sex and relationship content. Our show is a reflection of open and honest communication.

2) Do you find it difficult living your life in the public eye?

I really don’t find it difficult living in the public eye. For the most part people have always been respectful and at the end of the day, I’ve been very proud of what I do and how I carry myself as a woman.

3) What has been the most difficult question posed to you during the “Man and Wife” show?

One of the most difficult questions to answer is when someone asks you if they should leave their partner. I make it my business to not tell anyone what they should do. What I like to do is pose the question to them if they feel the decisions they’ve made thus far in their relationships have made them happy or unhappy? We all know innately what we really need to do. The real decision comes down to are you ready for CHANGE?!

4) As a voluptuous woman where are some of your favorite places to shop?

I love shopping online! I am always looking for something different in terms of Plus Size fashion, and going into a store per say is sometimes hard for me. But I love, and to name a few. I am also a huge fan of Rachel Pally!

5) How would you describe your style?

My style is classy and sexy! I LOVE 70″s fashion and you’ll see that influence in most styles I wear.

6) I’m a fan of your “F.A.T Friday’s” You Tube broadcasts, can you share with me some of your favorite products right now?

I love presenting things in my videos for the everyday woman. For the woman who is mindful of her dollar because she has children and a family. I use lots of makeup from the local drug store and I use Nivea and good old fashioned olive oil and Vaseline on my skin. I do love MakeUp Forever products as well for cosmetics!

7) What are your future plans or projects that you’re working on in this industry?

My future plans in the Plus Size Industry are wonderful! I have recently been hired for consulting in the buying process for some plus size manufacturers as well as starting my own line of clothing! I plan to bring my signature style of fashion to the everyday woman and make a name for myself in this fabulous and rewarding industry! This has been my dream for such a long time and finally having it come to fruition is very humbling for me! I am the happiest I’ve ever been! Shanda


I’d like to truly thank Shanda for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat with me and be sure to sign up for her YouTube channel below to stay on top of all her fashion finds!!!

Here’s this weeks You Tube “F.A.T Friday” Video w/ Shanda: