My New Beauty Finds: “The OPI Shatter Nail Polish, Sally Hansen ‘Salon Effects’ & NYX Products”

I tried my best to only do “window” shopping yesterday but then I came across an Ulta store and found nearly everything that had been on my beauty wishlist for months and some new products too. Now beforehand I will say that I’m a MAC makeup fan and have been one for many, many years but it can tend to get very expensive. I recently purchased my first ever pigment from the MAC Wonder-Woman collection and I paid $21 just for one container. I had been looking for a shadow with a HD effect but was always reluctant to trust myself with the pigments. But once I did I liked it, just not the price. So you can imagine my glee when I came across the NYX “Sparkling Glitter Powder” yesterday in Ulta. They are only $5.49 per container and right now Ulta has buy one/ get one half off on the NYX collection of makeup. So I got two for only $8.25. That’s much less than one container of the MAC pigment. Even better is their 60-day return policy. I played around with my makeup a few moments ago and I don’t think I’ll be carrying anything back. In fact, I’m sold on this glitter powder and may go back for more colors.  They are very bright and bold colored on your eyes. I purchased the “Summer Breeze” and “Royal Purple” glitters and here they are below:

I used this HD Eyeshadow Base first to set my shadows and glitter. It runs for $6.99.

I also got one of the “Ultra Pearl Mania” pigments in “Rust Pearl”. They retail for only $2.99 each. This pigment was also true to color and  showed up very well on my skin. I probably will no longer use regular eyeshadows after trying this. Here’s a video of all the different color swatches that they come in:

(Above) Lastly I got the “Studio Liquid Eyeliner” in both extreme blue and extreme purple. The are $4.49 each but are too part of the buy one get one half off promotion. The brush is very thin for a clean line effect. These colors are very rich and vibrant. Definitely the finishing touch to the right outfit.

NYX also has this eyeliner for $9.99 called the “Super Fat Marker”. Now although I didn’t purchase this I had to post on the striking resemblance to the MAC Wonder Woman “Penultimate” eyeliner that retails for $19.50.


Next I was on to the nail polish department. I have been looking for the new “Shatter” nail polish from the Katy Perry collection by OPI for awhile but every time I went to Ulta they were sold out. Well I lucked up this time. They had plenty. Shatter is a black polish that you can put on top of any other nail polish color as a top coat but it gives it a crackled look. I want to use mine over a gold polish to get an animal print outcome.

Here’s a video tutorial of the “Shatter” nail polish:


Then I was off to check out the Sally Hansen “Salon Effects” nail strips that I’d been hearing so much about. They are the next best thing to Minx nails I’ve been told. Minx nails is a process where you don’t use nail polish but instead a strip of pre-designed color or designs for an instant look. Many celebs use them nowadays and it can run you up to $100 per session. But now Sally Hansen has these new strips in 24 different designs and Ulta has them for omly $9.99 per box. You get 16 strips per box. According to the instructions you just peel them and stick on your nails and use a nail file to shape them up. I will do another post to show you the outcome of mine whenever I try it. They are supposed to last for up to 10 days on your nails.

Everything mentioned in this post, except for MAC,  is available at: