That 70’s Show: “70’s Inspired Plus-Size Fashion”

Ok I must admit, I’m a 70’s baby, so it’s only normal that I’m taking a liking to 70’s fashion becoming popular all over again. Not to mention that I’ve been glued to my TV screen the past week watching “The Kennedy’s” mini-series. Even though JFK and Jackie-O were in office during the 60’s, her fashion style set the trends for decades to come. I have been enjoying seeing the fashions portrayed in this documentary. So much so that today I was inspired enough to do a post on 70’s fashion. Here I’ve compiled a spread of cute curvy 70’s inspired fashion:


Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Summer Chinos

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Summer Chinos $53.79

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Piped Edge Heart Print Dress
Kangol Girl Tee



"Monaco" Ruched Plus Size Swimsuit - Fuchsia

“Monaco” Ruched Plus Size Swimsuit – Fuchsia $130.00


Now here’s a little 70’s theme music to complete this post. (I love this song):