Product Review: Lane Bryant’s New “Cacique Body Care Collection”

Lane Bryant was nice enough to ask me to review their new body care collection called “Cacique Body”. It is a line developed exclusively for your curves. The collection doesn’t officially come out until later this month but I got the honor of previewing it for my readers. So I tested it out today after I got out of the shower. Altogether there are four scents in the collection, Pinkberry, Citrusfresh, Waterblossom & Nightbloom. (Each scent comes in a smoothing body lotion, three-in-one body wash, hydrating body mist and a pampering body butter. The fragrance that I received is called “Pinkberry”. I got the “Firm Believer” smoothing body lotion and  the “Spray it Again” hydrating body mist. The pinkberry smoothing lotion is made of a lightweight sculpting seaweed, infused with wakame extract, an anti-oxidant to help promote a smooth texture.

I applied it to my skin while still a little wet and it glided on perfectly. It has a nice texture, not too thick nor runny at all. The scent is decadent, made up of cherry blossom, raspberry and peppercorn. Once fully dry I sprayed the body mist on me to compliment the lotion. The body mist has the vitamins A, C & E and moisturizing aloe. I even took it with me when I went to the nail salon to get a pedicure. I asked the nail tech to use it on my legs when she was finished as my massage lotion. I almost had to fight her to get it back, lol. She was serious about keeping it. I knew then that this is gonna be a big seller for Lane Bryant. Even more so when I went to the store after leaving the salon and had applied some more on my arms and hands. The clerk who was ringing me up complimented me on the fragrance. So in all actuality I’ve had three people to review this product today including myself. Be sure to check it out for yourself when it debuts soon. Take Bella’s word for it, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Smoothing Body Lotion 6.7 Oz. $18

Hydrating Body Mist 8.5 Oz. $15


Developed to enhance and beautify a woman’s skin and offer solutions for specific needs, Caciquebody will also include three specialty skincare products including:

  • Keep it Smooth– This anti chafing cream-to-powder formula, developed especially for delicate skin areas, glides on to absorb moisture with cornstarch, mango and coconut oil, and helps prevent irritation as it smoothes skin. (2 oz. $14)
  • Revive & Kicking– A revitalizing leg cream that cools on contact and energizes tired legs with a boost of Arabica coffee seed oil, refreshing tea tree oil and water mint. (6.7 oz. $22)
  • Shimmer Time– This shimmering body lotion enhances curves with light reflectors and body smoothing shea butter, avocado oil and rice lipids. (6.7 oz. $18)

The Caciquebody line will also feature four fragranced products in luxurious scents, infused with performance enhancing ingredients:

  • Firm Believer– A smoothing body lotion that feeds curves with Wakame extract, a powerful anti-oxidant loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein. (6.7 oz. $18)
  • Good as New A 3-in-1 body wash that flaunts triple benefits and high performing ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize in one quick step. (6.7 oz. $12)
  • You Butter Believe It A pampering body butter that delivers intense skin hydration with shea butter, jojoba seed oil and grapeseed oil, creating a light layer of moisture. (6.7 oz. $20)
  • Spray it Again– A hydrating body mist that leaves skin soft, silky and beautifully fragranced with a choice of four delightful scents. (8.5 oz. $15)

The fragranced products are available in four delightful scents to emphasize every woman’s sensuality and individuality:

  • Pinkberry Ideal for the hopeless romantic with lush, romantic florals and pink peppercorns.
  • Waterblossom Perfect for the beachy dreamer with notes of dewy violet petals, gardenia and tangerine.
  • Nightbloom Made for the sexy diva, sensual and warm; it blends plum orchid, bergamot and vanilla cashmere.
  • Citrusfresh– Simple and clean for the sporty lady with zesty lemon verbena and sheer amber.

Available May 25th at Lane Byrant Stores and Online on May 30: