Beyonce’s Performance at the 2011 Billboard Awards Show

Tonight were the Billboard awards and singer Beyonce received the well deserved “Millennium” award. But not before tearing down the house with a special-effects filled performance. I tell you this girl is on top of her game. Many question her having a stunt-double in her new video but I hope tonight she proved her critics wrong. (Yes, I’m a Beyonce fan to the highest so I always stand behind her 100%). Beyonce performed her new single, “Run The World” (Girls). It was amazing. Celebs like Michelle Obama, The Dream, Stevie Wonder and even her own  father gave her special videoed acknowledgments before she performed. Towards the end of her performance she brought on stage what seemed like a million female dancers to complete the routine. Her mom and nephew presented her with the award after her performance. (Beyonce was so in the moment she even gave props to her husband Jay-Z). I think I have now discovered my new summer ringtone and workout song. Thanks B. Girl Power!!!