Fall 2011 Must Haves in Beauty and Fashion

I know, I know, it’s 99 degrees outside and you’re probably not thinking about Fall fashion just yet. But me being a fashionista, I always have to stay a season ahead. With that being said, I’m reading the new Fall 2011 fashion mags and there are some hot new styles in the works for us. I’m noticing a lot of designers are using the white poets shirt in their ads. As well as various style clutch bags being a top trend. Chanel has a new Fall nail color called “Peridot” that’s a unique shade of shimmery green. Color-blocking and bright hues are not going away anytime soon either…not even for Fall. Even menswear is sticking around for another spell. Designers such as YSL and Stella McCartney are putting sexy-feminine twist on the menswear trend by adding sheer polka-dots and high-waisted pants. But what I’m guessing to be the number one must-have item for Fall 2011 is this Prada lizard boot that I have at the top of the trend list:

Ralph Lauren Green Clutch, $3,250

Gucci Fall 2011