OOTD: “Who Wears Short Shorts?”

Ok here’s a test for my longtime followers. Have you ever seen me in shorts? The answer is probably not. Don’t ask me why but I have a thing about wearing shorts. I very rarely even wear pants. Therefore in the summer, it’s mainly dresses on the daily basis. So when I attended the Kmart Blogger’s Brunch in New York last month, I was amazed that it was a shorts romper that mainly caught my full attention. (Here’s the link for that article: ). I think in my case it’s a self-conscious thing about wearing shorts. I remember back in my teen years when I used to wear shorts and they would always ride up on me after only a few steps of walking. So when I actually went into my local Kmart and tried on this romper from the LYS collection, I was ecstatic that not only it didn’t ride up on you as you walk, but it was made of a thin material that allowed for air to get thru to you so you won’t get all hot and sticky. I instantly liked this kinda navajo print that I felt would look good with my wooden jewelry.

Although I forgot to take pics of this, the back of the romper is in sort of a “T” shape form. So I had to wear a strapless with it. I tell you, these new Kmart “Love Your Style, Love Your Size” designers really thought with a stylish plus-size woman’s vision in mind. Even though your back is mostly out in this romper, you don’t have to worry about your “love handles” showing. It’s not that low down your back. The material is so carefree that I didn’t have to iron it or anything before I wore it. I usually add wide belts with most of my clothing but this has a drawstring waist that cinches perfectly around the waist area. Best of all the outfit has a pocket on each side at the thigh area so storing your keys and phone are a cinch. I was lucky enough to have Kmart enclose in our goodie bags from the blogger’s brunch, a gift certificate to the store. Even better is that after I got in the store last week, I realized that the plus-size department was having a 50% off sale on everything. This romper is usually just only $25 and I got it for half off of that. Come on now, who can beat a deal like that. I’ll be wearing shorts more often with savings like that!!!


LYS  Design Print Romper  $25 (on sale for $12.49)  www.kmart.com

Jessie Camel Brown Wedge Sandals (Gifted from Torrid)  $39.50  www.torrid.com

BCBG Handbag   $69  (Atlantic City Outlet Store, 2009)  

Wooden Bracelets, Necklace and Earrings: $5 each from It’s Fashion