The B-Styles Curvy Girl Of The Day: “Allison McGevna”

I know it’s been a while since I’ve featured a “Curvy Girl of the Day” but I have been smitten by this young lady’s career here lately and just had to feature her on my blog. Her name is Allison McGevna. I’ve seen Allison on many different occasions and in numerous print ads. You ever know someone from online and in pics but in person you don’t realize that it’s one of your facebook/twitter buddies? That’s how I was in New York last month during the K-Mart Blogger’s Brunch. Allison was one of the models there and I just knew that I recognized her from somewhere. I later realized it was from seeing her in the Monif C. ads, Plus Model Magazine and in-person at last years Sk Wilbur event that I attended also in New York. Her beauty is astounding. She literally sold the dress off of her back at the K-Mart event and that’s one of the reasons that influenced me to purchase it. I used her photo in my post last week for that OOTD. 

In many ways, Allison has been preparing for a career in entertainment since her childhood. A child model and actress, she began her career in front of the camera in her youth, where her unique background of Irish and West Indian afforded her many opportunities for a diverse crop of roles.

In 2007, Allison made the decision to pursue a career in the field of entertainment. After winning a nationally advertised model search, she was selected as a featured model for such huge brands as Baby Phat, Dereon, Roca Wear and Apple Bottoms and was seen as one of the regular models in Web campaigns for multiple seasons.

Since then, Allison has graced the pages of All You Magazine, Stiletto Woman, Plus Model Magazine and Daily Venus Diva. She has also worked for such major retailers and designers as Monif C, Fennimas Jewelry, Igigi, SK Wilbur, Goddess by Juanita Kelly, Lotis Clothing, JMS, Re/Dress NYC and has rocked the runway at Full Figured Fashion Week.

At the same time she was pursuing modeling, she began working as a staff writer for North Jersey Media Group and working for NJN News.

In a transition often uncharacteristic of the extremely competitive field of journalism, Allison was hired as a staff editor and producer for where she has since enjoyed significant success as a nationally-recognized fashion, celebrity and pop culture expert. Currently the Associate Editor, her work has provided her opportunities to interview some of Hollywood’s biggest names on camera, including Jerry Lewis, Russell Crowe, Eva Mendes, Mark Wahlberg, Quentin Tarantino, Will Ferrell, Kim Kardashian and more.

She has served as a producer, editor, red carpet correspondent and regular contributor for Fox News’ webcast, “ Live.”

Allison has also covered such major events as New York Fashion Week, the Oscars, the Golden Globe Awards, the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and several film and television premieres.