“The B-Styles Curvy Girl of the Day” (Celeb Spotlight): CoCoa Brown of the Tyler Perry Sitcom, “For Better or Worse”

For the past month or so I’ve been hooked on the new Tyler Perry sitcom, “For Better or Worse”. Mainly because of one actor in particular. The always outspoken and funny “Jennifer” played by actress and comedian, CoCoa Brown. “For Better or Worse” is a spin-off of the movie, “Why Did I Get Married?”. The character Jennifer is a salon receptionist and always has advice for the ladies while they’re getting their services done. You can so relate to the Jennifer character because it seems like almost every salon across America has a Jennifer in it. So after watching the show for weeks I decided to reach out to Ms. CoCoa. I’m so glad I did too, come to find out we’re both native Virginians and she attended college right here at VCU. That instantly gave me inspiration that you can make it no matter where you’re from. So I got a chance to get to know CoCoa a little better with a Q & A session and here’s what she had to say:

I see that we are both fellow Virginians. Was it difficult for you to be discovered here? If so, how did you end up finding fame?
 I actually started my comedy career in Washington, DC. I had recently graduated from VCU and took a job offer in the DMV area. I was there about a year when I was approached at a BBQ held by Tom Joyner Morning show personality Chris Paul’s home, by his manager Pop Thomas, to host a night at the now defunct Comedy Spot comedy club. There I was “discovered” by my mentor, Darcel “The Fat Doctor” Blagmon and was given the tools and wisdom to become a “real” comedian. 
What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?
 I would have to say working with Tyler Perry and being part of the Tyler Perry family on the TV series “For Better or Worse”.
Do you prefer a career in stand-up comedy or acting?
 If you had asked me this question a few years ago I most likely would have said stand up, but after working consistently over the past year with Tyler Perry and various other TV series, I now wholeheartedly say acting! Its something about being able to tap into various characters and make them your own I find extremely fulfilling. 
How did you get the role on Tyler Perry’s new series “For Better or Worse”?
 I saw the breakdown for the role and asked my agent could he get me an audition. At the time the character I felt most connected to was loosely based on the Jill Scott character from the “Why did I Get Married?” movie franchise. I got an audition while in Atlanta working at the Uptown Comedy Club and auditioned for the role. After many months of patiently waiting I was told that I got the part and the part had been rewritten especially for me. I was ecstatic!!! 
Can you relate to your character “Jennifer” on the show? 
 LOL! Of course! Who doesn’t know a Jennifer! or have a little (or a lot) of Jennifer in them. I’m not a single mother but I have very good friends who are and I was able to talk with them and build my character on their experiences. But Jennifer is loyal to her girls and her family almost to a fault. She is a “ride or die” friend, lover, sister and Mother.  She’ll have your back but will tell you bout yourself all at the same time. Every woman should have a “Jennifer” in her life. 
Your character Jennifer is such a snazzy dresser on the show and really represents that the “woman with curves” can be fashionable. In real life, what is your fashion sense and is it similar to Jennifer’s fashion taste? Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
 Almost everything they put Jennifer in on the show, I would wear. I believe you can be classy and sexy at any size. If you ask my husband, my fashion sense is “pure diva”, never without my heels, but I like to break it down with sweats and Nikes too. I believe your personality and swag make the clothes, not the other way around. My favorite places to shop are Ashley Stewart, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Lane Bryant. But I’ve also found some cute pieces in Target and Wal Mart. Like John Witherspoon says…You gots to coordinate!  
What are your future plans or projects that you’re currently working on?
 Well my plan for the immediate future is Motherhood. I am expecting my first child, a boy, in the Summer, and this I know will be my very best accomplishment! I also will be launching my own show, “No Cut Cards with Cocoa Brown”, on the Foxxhole station on XM/Sirius satellite radio in the later part of January. I also will be teaching a virtual stand up comedy class on the web via Ustream, tell help young, up and coming comedians learn the “true” business of this game. I also have a re-occuring role on the new Cedric the Entertainer sitcom, “Cedric” coming to TV land hopefully by the Summer. I am still touring as a stand up comedian and people can find out where I will be by following me on Twitter at cocoabrown22 or on my website, www.cocoabrown4life.com.

You can catch CoCoa Brown on the TBS sitcom, “For Better or Worse” on Friday nights at 9pm