Fashion Déjà Vu: “Bella Styles vs. Queen Latifah in the Zebra-Print Miss Tina Dress”

I always say I like a good bargain and it seems that actress/rapper Queen Latifah does too. I’m a faithful watcher of “The Wendy Williams Show” and spotted the Queen wearing this zebra print dress while on the show yesterday. All day I have searched the internet high and low to ‘verify’ this info, but my sense of style is telling me that this is the ‘exact’ same Miss Tina dress that I purchased from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection. I wore it during a visit to NYC for a style symposium and interview.  I’m making a point of writing this post to show that you can look great in clothing that doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune. This dress cost me only $18, as all items are less than $20 from the Miss Tina collection, and it fit like a glove. 

I have purchased several Miss Tina dresses since this one because of the great  fit and quality material. Now being a fuller-figured woman you must always make sure to wear the proper ‘foundations’ under a form-fitting dress like this and if you do it right, the ending results will be marvelous. It’s also really great to see designers supporting one another as Queen Latifah also has her own line of clothing out for HSN.  Well even if this isn’t the exact same dress as Latifah is wearing, which I’m almost sure it is, it’s mighty close. If you like this style, and price, then you can still find more similar choices of the Miss Tina collection at Wal-Mart. Sizing goes from a S-XXL so there’s something for every shape and size!


(Above left) Queen Latifah in her zebra-print dress

(Below) Me in mine