Getting Started in the Plus-Size Modeling, Blogging & Fashion Business (Full Figured Fashion Week™ )

Ironically this week I’ve had two ladies to contact me in regards on how to get started in the plus-size modeling business. The best advice I could give them was to attend events such as Full Figured Fashion Week™ in New York next month. Full Figured Fashion Week™ is an event covered over a few days that will give plus-size women the info they need to get started, be it in fashion, modeling or blogging. This will be the 4th year and more events are added every time. But back to the subject at hand. When I started out modeling back in 2005, I traveled near and far for my training. That’s right ladies, it’s not gonna come to your doorstep. This business is a sacrifice and you must be determined. I have spent thousands of dollars traveling to and attending events but that’s not to discourage you. If I hadn’t had that drive and determination, I wouldn’t be in the position that I am now. I started out by attending one-day bootcamps such as “The Full Figured Diva Academy” here in Richmond and  also Gwen DeVoe’s “Project Curves” in Atlanta, Ga. By living in Virginia not much was going on here and at that time, thanks to Myspace, I was able to keep in the know with all current events. Gwen DeVoe, who is CEO of Full Figured Fashion Week™, also had other programs such as “The Plus Academy” and “Full Figured and Fabulous”. Believe you me, I attended all. Be it in New York, DC, Atlanta or Charlotte, North Carolina.You see ladies that’s how you get ahead in this business. You stay in the know, attend as many events as possible and know all the key players. Which brings me to this, and I’m about to give you some VALUABLE info here. If you can attend this years Full Figured Fashion Week™, in addition to going to all the wonderful events, follow these valuable tips:

– Have business cards with all of your current info (such as name, email, phone number, facebook and twitter pages, website, etc.). Or better yet, make your self stand out even more by having personalized  ink pens, notepads or magnets made up with your info on them to pass out to others. People won’t forget you as quickly if they’re writing with your product.

– Learn all of your top plus-size designers and brands (Jibri, Monif C, Simply Be, Torrid, Sonsi, Carmakoma, IGIGI, etc.). Wouldn’t hurt if you wore their designs too. Cameras are always flashing at these type of events!

– Mingle  with (and google beforehand)  to get to know key people in the plus-size community, such as:

                                                      Gwen DeVoe, CEO of Full Figured Fashion Week™

                                                      Madeline Jones, CEO of Plus Model Magazine

                                                      Jessica Kane, CEO of Skorch Magazine

                                                      Marie Denee, Plus Size Blogger (The Curvy Fashionista)

                                                     Alissa, Plus Size Blogger (Stylish Curves)

                                                     Fluvia Lucerdo, Plus-Size Model

                                                 Sharon Quinn, Runway Coach

                                                        Chasity Saunders, Plus-Size Model

                                                       Liris Crosse, Plus-Size Model

                                                           Denise Bidot, Plus-Size Model

                                                     Dorothy Combs, Modeling Agency

                                                     MSA Modeling Agency


I  hope this info helps and I will add more info as it pops in my head so check back soon to this post!!!