Designer Spotlight: “The Urban Mermaids Collection by Domino Dollhouse”

Plagued her entire life by drab clothing choices, owner Tracy Broxterman has always worked towards contributing her energies to adding style and glamour in the plus size fashion world. She started in 2009 with her own personal style blog, Chubble Bubble, and now with this unique online plus size shop, Domino Dollhouse! While the choices for sizes 14 and up are expanding, Domino Dollhouse strives to bring exciting, charming, and fun clothing and accessories to a market thirsty for more. Her new collection entitled, “Urban Mermaids” pops with sheer hues of turquoise, pink and all the beauty of the sea. The campaign photos have curvy models in colorful wigs and eye-catching attire. This collection will be coming out in parts! Part 1 is out now, 2 and 3 to follow over the next few weeks! I already know what I want to order, check out my picks below, all priced around $49.99 each: