OOTD: “What To Wear On A First Date”

I woke up this morning thinking that since the weekend is here, a lot of single ladies will be going out on either first dates or regular weekend outings with their significant others. So I’m dedicating this post to you. When going out on a first date, especially a blind date, you don’t wanna be too over the top (in a mini-skirt) nor looking like an old-maid. You wanna show just enough leg, NO CLEAVAGE and still be hot enough that if you run into your ex, he will be salivating at the mouth. (Yes, that was wrong of me to say, hahaha). So to demonstrate a great first date look today I’m wearing a basic black bodycon dress from London Times. Many curvy ladies must have already been in the know because I just received this dress 2-weeks ago today and after just checking, I see that it is sold out already. But that’s ok, there are many more options to choose from on the site and you’ll get the general idea of what to wear after reading this post.

Anyway I suggest a basic black dress for a first date because it’s not over-powering in color and this particular style dress shows off your curves but not in a provocative way. You can always wear a few key accessories to jazz up a plain black dress too. Which brings me to this, “What’s the most important accessory that you must have on a date?”….condoms. Noooooo, get your minds out of the gutter. I’m talking about Heel Condoms. (I had you all going there for a minute didn’t I, rofl). The heel condoms, which I’ve worn before here, are colorful shoe accents that you add to a pair of pumps to instantly change the look of any shoe. I’m wearing my Bakers snakeskin pumps again with the green satin flower heel condom. I figured that it would be a great way to spruce up the shoes to show your date  that you are both classy with the black dress but can also be stylish in some fierce pumps. Plus when you two are on the dance-floor all eyes will be on you and your shoes….oh and maybe your date too 🙂

Now if it gets a little chilly in the restaurant or while walking in the park, grab this green colored blazer from Simply Be, $99, to throw over your shoulders:

Outfit Breakdown:

Dress from London Times, around $108

Clutch from Dots

Pumps from Bakers Shoes (from 2011, $39.99)

Green Satin Flower“, $24 by Heel Condoms

Ring from Nordstrom

Bracelet from Earrings Plaza, NYC

Earrings from Macy’s