The Panel Workshops at Curves Rock Fashion Weekend

I have been in panel discussions for the past few hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. You can never attain too much knowledge in the fashion business, or any business for that matter. I first went to the “Plus Modeling 101” workshop hosted by Liris Crosse. Even though I have stopped modeling myself and doing runway shows, it was good to hear Liris’s triumphs and tribulations of being in the plus-size industry. Ladies you must do your homework, research and be prepared when entering the fashion world.

Then I was off to the “Embracing Your Curves” panel discussion with Shanda Freeman, Chenise Lewis, Jade Greer, Kendra Porter and Jovanna Reyes. The topic actually turned to “The Business of Plus-Size Fashion” and both the panelist and audience participated in topics that for me really hit home. I don’t always voice my inner opinions regarding business on my blog but I was able to express my thoughts during this panel on how this industry can sometimes be “cut-throat”. From hearing the different viewpoints it seems as though I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. In any job, profession or industry there’s competition but the panelist opened my eyes to not giving up and being able to take constructive criticism. (Believe you me, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes as a blogger and people can spread lies, hate and try to stop your success but I’m a FIRM believer in “Keeping My Faith” so I know what is for me, is for me). So with that said, here are a few pics from the workshop and if you didn’t attend this year, it is a MUST that you do when any of the workshops are offered in the future!


My Outfit Details:


White Single Breasted Blazer from Simply Be, $62

Yellow Skinny Jeans from Simply Be, $49, Sizes 10-28

Pink Oversized Clutch Bag, $56

T-shirt from Atlanta Tee’s

Briella Pumps, $27.99, Sizes 5-11 from Shoe Land