Flattering Maternity Clothing for the Plus-Size Woman

I was recently introduced to another UK clothier who specializes in plus-size apparel. The name of the company is called “Fashion World”. Although they carry all plus-size fashion items from shoes, clothes to men’s apparel, today I want to focus on one particular section, the maternity line. After all, it’s the time of year where there are many expectant mothers who’s protruding belly’s poke out and the heat doesn’t help at all with them wanting to dress up and look cute. But you must never let yourself go no matter what your condition is. When I was carrying my son many years ago, I stayed dressing up. I mean literally, I looked forward to going to doctors visits and running errands just to show off my fashionable baby bump. But back then there was no where near the selection of adorable maternity clothing as it is now. Just take a look at a few of these stylish pieces from Fashion World:

Maternity Print Maxi Dress, Sizes 14-30, £50.00

Leopard Print Maternity Dress, Sizes 14-32, £45.00

Zanzibar Dream Embellished Jersey Kaftan, Sizes M-L, £35.00

Maternity Maxi Dress in Black or Cobalt Blue, Sizes 14-30, £30.00

Purchase Items at: www.fashionworld.co.uk