Milan Fashion Week: “Gucci”

Ever since September 6th I’ve been following all of the fashion week shows from New York, London and now Milan. Today kicked off the start of Milan Fashion Week. One of my all-time favorite handbag and shoe designers, Gucci, kicked off the week of shows. Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, didn’t hold any punches with the new Spring 2013 collection. Now as I just stated, Gucci is a fave handbag/shoe designer of mine. Well mostly because the clothing collection doesn’t come in plus-sizes so all that I can wear are the accessories. But that never stopped me from being a fan of the clothing. This is a designer that never goes out of style and although you will pay a pretty penny for the items, they can carry you for years to come. I can still wear my pumps that I bought 5 years ago today and they are still in style.

I go back with Gucci to the days where Tom Ford was the Creative Director and the Gucci clothes always represented classy, statement tailored pieces. You’re sure to see the Gucci clothing on red-carpets during awards season. I remember when Madonna was the brand ambassador, she sold me on Tom Ford’s creativity then. Well for the new collection previewed  today in Milan, now Creative Director, Frida Giannini keeps up that same exquisiteness that the brand represents. I loved the 60’s bell sleeves, statement necklaces, bold color hues, ruffle detailing and her use of on-trend snakeskin prints. (I just posted earlier this week on snakeskin prints being a top trend for Fall). So with that said, here are my pics from the show today. (P.S. You’ve got to watch the show video to see the detailing in the back of some of these dresses, GORGEOUS!!!!)