OOTD: “My Birthday Suit”


I had been debating  all week on what to wear to today’s fashion show with celeb stylist Clinton Kelly. Since the weather was so warm out this afternoon I decided that rather than  wearing my original faux-leather outfit to opt for my go-to designer IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel instead. This is the dress that I was supposed to wear day before yesterday for my Birthday dinner but my plans were changed, so instead I wore it today to the show.  I always say that my favorite colors are purple, pink and turquoise but now I’m starting to think that royal blue is taking over my wardrobe. I recently wore another IGIGI favorite, the Ambrosia  dress, and that was blue too. The one that I had on today is called the Mara Dress and is a fully-lined, boat neck jersey dress. The sleeves are dolman and there is a side-draping detail that diverts attention away from the tummy area. I added a belt to the dress to not only compliment the blue hue but to accentuate the waist area as well. I paired up the dress with a statement necklace and matching earrings with the colors of blue, purple, green and red in it. I’m actually carrying a laptop case as my purse because I always have so much stuff with me that a regular purse just doesn’t cut it anymore. Let’s just say that this blue is my lucky color or that this dress is a standout because I happened to snag a pic with the man himself, Clinton Kelly, while he was doing his book signing after the fashion show. (P.S. fans were supposed to be only allowed to have him sign their books and not take individual pics, but I was able to get his wonderful security to actually let me take a pic with him standing beside me, wink wink. I’m so ecstatic right now but I will give details later).

                 The Mara Dress in Imperial Blue from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel, $122, Sizes 12-32

Necklace and Earring Set plus Bracelet, $8 and $5, from Earrings Plaza in NYC

Purple Belt from It’s Fashion (I think)

Pumps by Dollhouse from Rainbow, $30 (2010)

Red Laptop Case, $19.99 from K & G Fashion Superstore