OOTD: “Voter Style”

So today is Election Day and I knew that there would be long lines and a wait and I wanted to be comfy. The weather has changed seems like overnight and I had to bring out the hat, scarf and boots today. Flat boots that is. No use in trying to be extra divafied in long lines. I got to the polls at 9:45 this morning and the line was wrapped around the building. I waited a while but being that I was on a time crunch I decided to leave and try again later. I asked some of the leaving voters how long had they waited to vote and they said a hour and a half. But I didn’t get discouraged and I went back at 2:30 and was glad to see only a few people in line. I’ve never had to wait long in lines before this Election and I was out by 3pm and so happy that I went back. Voting always gives me a certain feeling of achievement.

So with all of that said, I wore this Dollhouse Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Pumpkin Spice from Macy’s. I got it on the one-day sale a few weeks ago for only $30. It runs small so I would suggest going a size up. I just really like the Fallish color of it. I paired up the jacket with a lime green turtleneck sweater, also from Macy’s purchased a few years ago, and my ever favorite Broadway Stiletto Jeans by Torrid ($58.50). I topped off my voter look with some flat Ugg-like boots from Shoe City that I purchased in 2009. I can’t remember exactly where I got the hat and scarf but I’m assuming maybe a beauty supply store. You see how I based the whole color scheme off of the scarf? All you need is one key base item in your outfit to be able to pull off mixing a variety of colors together. Oh and yes, I’m rocking my glasses today too just so that I could make sure I was seeing EVERYTHING on the voting screen, lol.


Excuse the quality of my pics, they were done on my phone this time 😦