OOTD: “Cleopatra in Blue”


I may be going out on a limb here but for some reason once I put on my outfit today I thought it was reminiscent of Cleopatra. I mean with my bob hairstyle and bold jewelry I think I’m right on. Now mind you, I totally had to throw it together last minute being that my original outfit didn’t work for me once I put that on and I pulled together this in a few minutes. I was volunteering teaching at my son’s school this morning and didn’t want to break any school dress code rules, lol. I’ve had this royal blue dress hanging with the tags still on it for sometime now and wanted to wear a long maxi today. But once I put it on it was bearing a little too much cleavage so what do we do when that happens? We grab for a cami or tank. The first one I grabbed was this turquoise color and then I remembered that I had a statement necklace that would bring out that shade and I added that. The necklace has brown, teal and gold in it and therefore it was only natural to wear a brown belt and shoes with this maxi. Funny thing is, the maxi is royal blue and really doesn’t match anything else but for some reason, it just makes the whole ensemble stand out in my eyes. 

Cleopatra CollageDress from Nordstrom

Purse, Nicole Lee from Bakers Shoes, $75 (2009)

Necklace from Earrings Plaza, NYC

Tank from Dots

Bracelet and Belt from Ashley Stewart