OOTD: “Suit & Tie”

…………….”I be on my suit and tie, sh*t tie, sh*t tie, I be on my suit and tie, sh*t tie, sh*t, Can I show you a few things?”…………….Justin Timberlake, “Suit & Tie”
Suit & Tie 1 Collage

Just had to start off this post with those lyrics. As soon as I heard that new song and then saw the video by Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z I was inspired to do a post wearing a black & white suit. Being that black and white is the top trend at the moment it wasn’t hard for me to find an outfit choice. I’m wearing a black and white suit jacket by Jessica London for One Stop Plus, Graphic Stripe Blouse and white bootcut pants, $45, both by Simply Be. The jacket was purchased a couple of years ago but as you can see, I made a suit out of mixing old & new, different brands and assorted pieces. I have been wishing for a pair of  bootcut dress pants that would fall just right over my heels. This 34in pair is just right with my 5’9 frame. Not too short nor dragging the ground in my high heels. Now ladies as always I have to give styling tips with this outfit. When wearing all white pants always wear black undergarments. If you have cellulite on the back of your legs or just don’t wanna jiggle, opt for a black high-waist shaper or footless shaper both by Spanx for a smooth look under your garments

To break up the monochromatic look a bit I added my new outlet find of the Kate Spade Alexander Avenue Bag. When I went to Williamsburg a few weeks ago I copped this baby on a helluva deal. It retails for $455 but was outlet priced at $369 and that day I went it was an additional 60% off. Woohoooo, who doesn’t like a designer bag at a discount of only $150 with tax. (Now if you want this bag also try looking on Ebay and Google for discount prices if you aren’t near an outlet). The bag is called the Catalina green shade in ostrich but is right on point since Emerald Green is the color of the year. 

Suit & Tie 3 Collage

41r8CZ3zAQL101_5303Suit & Tie 2 Collage