Mother’s Day The Ashley Stewart Way

Ashley Stewart Linen Collage

Let me just start off by sayin woosah, lol. I had a time trying to get this post done but I’m finally able to bring it to you. From my camera conking out on me today to the sudden rainfall within the past few hours it was a task, but I got my job done. Over a week ago I was contacted by Ashley Stewart to do a Mother’s Day post on their new Linen Placket Bias Dress ($39.50). I politely agreed since Ashley Stewart is one of my favorite stores to shop for clothing & jewelry. I had already done a Mother’s Day Gift Guide post featuring one of their jumpsuits but what Mom doesn’t like linen. Although I personally don’t think that linen works for myself ,I know that my mother and aunt both are fans of the easy-breezy fabric. I actually grabbed one of these dresses for my aunt for Mother’s Day because I know she will  just love it. Well after my original dress was lost by mail, Ashley Stewart was generous enough let me just go to my nearest location and gifted me one from there. My size was sold-out but I made it work with a larger size by adding a wide-belt and blazer. I decided to do a two-for-one. Since I was right there in the store and it was raining cats and dogs outside, I took the pics right there on the spot. I wore both the green color that I had originally chosen and just for versatility I’m showcasing the yellow color as well. 

Now linen is easy-breezy like I said but it does tend to get a little wrinkled fast so excuse that in my pics. I wore the green dress two ways. One plain with a yellow Ashley Stewart blazer and white jewelry and then also by adding a wide belt, hat and animal-print pumps. (The pics were done on my phone so you can’t see the details that great, sorry. I did however take closeup pics of the jewelry below). (FYI-the jewelry is 25% off at the moment too). Then I wore the yellow dress with this Green Jacquard Jacket ($49.50) and gold jewelry. My original thought was to pair up the dress with this Tropical Jacket but I had already seen another blogger choose that style selection. This combo would be my choice for wearing to church on Sunday, dinner afterwards and whatever other fancy occasion you may be attending this spring season!


Wearing the Viviva Fox Hair Collection Wig in ‘Tamara’




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