Grab Her Style: “Beyonce’s Inauguration Gown”

Beyonce Inaguration Collage

Remember that GORGEOUS long black Emilio Pucci gown that singer Beyonce wore to the Inauguration earlier this year? Who could forget, she looked FLAWLESS.  From her neatly manicured nails, the big-soft curled looking hairdo, the green jewels and most of all, that figure-flattering dress. Beyonce was the star of the event that day (in my book). Now Beyonce’s “custom” made Pucci gown was black velvet with chiffon beaded cutouts, and I STILL can’t get a price on it. But I’ve happened to come across a VERY similar look for the plus-size ladies. It is the BodyCon Lace & Embellished Floor Length Gown from Chic and Curvy Boutique.

You can’t quite tell from the pics of the gown online, but in-person, this dress has exquisite patterned detailing in the center, same as Beyonce’s, and also a mermaid bottom such as Beyonce’s gown did too. The only major difference is the lace on the arms and bottom of the dress instead of the swirl chiffon pattern on the Pucci Gown. But the Chic and Curvy Gown screams COUTURE all the way. So much so that when I took it to my dry cleaners, they wanted to charge extra for the fine detailing. That wasn’t a problem because guess what, the dress is a bargain at the price of only $49 so paying a little extra at the cleaners wasn’t a problem. Plus, trying to get a custom made Pucci gown would REALLY take your wallet to the cleaners, literally. (Stay tuned for my pics in it!!!)