OOTD: “Military Empress Chic”

Empress Chic Collage

Last night I was watching the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” and it partly got me to thinking about how fashion is now being inspired by military looks. One of the top trends for Fall is the military jacket with leather sleeves. Ironically, Chic and Curvy Boutique had just sent me their version recently which is only $45. So I paired the jacket up with these black and white leggings from Empress Footwear. The unique thing about these leggings are the fact that they are custom made for you according to your measurements all for the low price of $45.99 (available in straight-sizes and plus-sizes). (Not to mention the fact that they are named after me and are called the “Checked by Bella Leggings”). I wore a matching black and white peplum top with a brown print belt underneath the jacket so that I would still be matching my booties (by Charlotte Russe) even when I took off the coat. Check out below fashion stylist to the stars, June Ambrose, rocking her leather sleeved coat with floral pants, hotttt!!!!