Curvy Girl News: Amber Riley Wins “Dancing With The Stars”



Last night I read some of the most inspiring curvy news I’ve ever heard. Singer/actress Amber Riley became the first plus-size woman, and black woman, to ever win “Dancing With The Stars”. Now I’m not going to lie and act like I’m on the DWTS bandwagon because I’m not. No, I don’t watch the show. But through my daily Wendy Williams viewing I’ve been keeping up with the show vicariously through her reports. (Wendy even predicted that Amber would win). I’m just very excited because this historic moment goes to show the naysayers that YES plus-size women do workout and can maintain healthy lifestyles. Dancing is a form of exercise you know.

Amber-Riley-Dancing-With-The-StarsMany times we as full-figured women still aren’t accepted in mainstream media but Amber just changed the game as I reported on my Instagram page this morning. This is phenomaonal news and Amber makes me so proud to be a curvy woman today and I’m sure more exciting opportunities are ahead in the future for the entire plus-size community. Thanks for helping pave the way Amber!