Sale Alert: “Lane Bryant (Cacique) Bras Buy Two/Get Two Free”

LB Bra Sale Collage

I know that I spoke on the Lane Bryant Semi-Annual bra sale a little bit in my New Year’s Post but I wanted to show a few more specific details on the selection that I got. As a girlie girl, I like cutesy bras with the matching panties to go along with them. TMI but true. So Lane Bryant is fulfilling my needs right now with their buy two/get two free sale. Now you can go with the newer Spring styles if you prefer and pay a bit more, but their mid-2013 collection of bras ,which consisted of beautiful prints and vibrant colors, had me in awe. But the newer styles can run you about $34-$50 each regular priced. I wanted too many of them to spend over $500. But good things come to those who wait. In stores the bras from the 2013 line are now marked down to only $19.99 each and are still a part of the b2g2f sale making them come in at only $9.99 each for 4 bras total. Online the prices are $24.99 each but still b2g2f for the bras shown above.

Over the past few weeks I have racked up on bras and didn’t realize all of my selection that I have collected until I laid them out last night. Now instead of me posting just pics of my bras laid out on my bed, I found the stock photos of all the ones I got during the sale and collaged them above. Pretty huh? Don’t miss your chance to grab some too because the sale ends tomorrow. These would make another great Valentine’s Day gift idea if shopping for a spouse or treating yourself. (Also, in person the sales associates will fit you for free and even order an (available) size online for you if it’s not stocked in the store, so take advantage of that service to get your correct sizing in a bra. That’s VERY important ladies).