Introducing the Josephine Swim ‘Into The Wild’ Swimsuit Collection



Even though we’re prepping for another torrential snow storm today, I must look forward to the pleasant comings of spring and summer attire. One being swimsuits. Plus-size designers have caught on to what us curvy gals want and desire and have been giving us stylish and sexy options over the past few years.  That’s why when I was introduced to Josephine Swim this week I was once again satisfied with what is being offered. Josephine Swim is a swimwear and lifestyle company dedicated to creating luxury swimwear for the modern curvy woman. Their philosophy is based on the belief that a woman’s size should never define or confine her swimsuit options. They also aim to inspire women to travel, explore the world and swim in the best waters. The collection is called ‘Into the Wild’ and has cute 2-piece options, graphic prints and crop bikini tops that I almost would dare to wear outside of the pool. Check it out for yourself at