Bella On The Scene: “Coverage From the Liris Crosse Life Of A Working Model Bootcamp in Atlanta”


Whoooh, I’m just getting back home from a wonderful, wonderful weekend in Atlanta, GA. I was a guest panelist on the Liris Crosse “Life Of A Working Model Bootcamp” alongside some of the best in the business. Supermodel Liris Crosse, who I always enjoy working with, created this workshop to advise, educate and inspire plus-size models on the in’s and out’s of the business. I believe some attendees even came as far from Detroit and Texas to be at this workshop. Liris started the workshop by sharing her background info and bio of how she got started in modeling and then later in the day the attendees were graced with a panel discussion consisting of Liris herself, celeb photographer, Derek Blanks, whose work you’ve seen everywhere from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, the ever-popular ‘Alter Ego’ shots to numerous magazine spreads; The ‘wig master’ himself Terrence Davidson who’s clientele include Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige and the Queen Patti LaBelle; plus-size model and radio host Chenese Lewis; casting agent Winsome Sinclair; “Project Runway” alum designer Mychael Knight and also make-up artists Saisha Beecham, who’s a rep of Ethnicity Models and Tierra Burrell who beat face in the Beyonce videos “Freakum Dress”, “Video Phone” and “Get Me Bodied”. 

I personally learned so much at this class myself. Tierra shared how being stressed literally can show in your face through your skin when she does make-up on clients. So therefore it’s very important to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet. Designer Mykael Knight and I both discussed the importance of wearing spanx or smoothing undergarments with your clothing no matter what size you are. Other topics covered during the workshop were what to do on castings, about looking like a model at all times and the ladies even had a runway session at the end of the day. I have attended many modeling workshops over the years and highly recommend that if you get a chance to take part in one of Liris’s classes to jump on that opportunity. Up next for you ladies is the “Perfection in Posing: Lessons in Vogue” class presented by Liris C.’s Life Of A Working Model Boot Camp NYC on March 30th. Ladies invest in yourself and your future modeling careers and take advantage of these wonderful opportunities available to you.











More pics and video from the workshop are HERE