Bella On The Scene: “The Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Fashion Show in NYC”


I have been a real fashionista the past week and have gone from Atlanta to NYC in less than seven days but a girl must do what a girl must do. I’m still trying to re-coop and get my thoughts together from the Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection that I witnessed first hand on Thursday night in NYC. As one blogger posted, it got her so emotional. Those are my exact same sentiments as well. Although I see quite a bit of plus-size fashion that I love nowadays, to have a straight-size designer to dedicate an entire collection to just plus-sizes floored me.

I have always been an Isabel Toledo fan from back in the day when she did shoe collections with Payless. But the clothing line that she has delivered for Lane Bryant looks MAGNIFICENT. Now I went into my local Lane Bryant store earlier this week when the collection dropped but only found about three items available. One being the COLORBLOCK TUNIC DRESS ($98.00). I tried it on and discovered that it ran really small for me. I had to go up like three sizes and it still wasn’t a great fit for me personally. But as the sales lady told me, sometimes designer items run a little small. But I’m not gonna let that deter me because after witnessing first hand what sashayed down the runway in New York, it’s definitely worth a second chance.


I got my personal invite to the runway show maybe a week ago in the mail and loved the black and white scarf that was sent to me with it. I purposely waited to blog on the collection until after I went to the show. I wanted a fair review for my readers and not one based on my experience with only one piece that I had tried on. Well let me just say, Isabel didn’t disappoint. From the moment I walked into the Seagram Building on Park Avenue it was a lovely ambiance.

There were waiters upon our arrival with champagne filled glasses for us and the runway overlooked a beautiful New York view. Our seats were filled with Isabel Toledo bucket tote bags that had her book, the show detailed lineup, a t-shirt and more in them. I saw pieces on the runway like a bold black and white jacket/dress, a sheer black bell sleeve number and even the finale dress which what I considered to be a great wedding gown option. The clothing was very reminiscent to a wardrobe that could have belonged to Audrey Hepburn. VERY CLASSY apparel.

The show featured famous curvy models Robyn Lawley, Grisel, Monique Robinson, Julie Henderson and Ashley Graham. From what I gather, the collection that’s in stores now is only just the beginning. What we saw on the runway Thursday night will be available sometime in May. I hope this is just the beginning of a new era in designer collabos with plus-size retailers. Afterall, when Target does their designer collaborations there isn’t a plus-size option so I hope this is going to be a permanent fixture in the full-figured fashion world. Let’s hope and see!

Peep the show video below in entirety:





Isabel Toledo For Lane Bryant Fashion Show

Isabel Toledo For Lane Bryant Fashion Show

Isabel Toledo For Lane Bryant Fashion Show













I also got a chance to meet-up with and see some of my fave plus-size bloggers and industry people at the show. Peep the pics below:






Pics other than those with my logo are courtesy of Lane Bryant, In Style, The Huffington Post, Farrah Estrella and Instagram Users