Grab Her Style: “Monifah’s Pink Ombre Dress on R & B Divas Atlanta”


I just love it when starlets like Fantasia and Monifah are seen in clothing that us everyday gals can ACTUALLY afford and attain. One outfit being the pink ombre dress that singer Monifah is wearing in the opening credits of “R & B Divas Atlanta”. I noticed her in it last week in a confessional scene but couldn’t fnd a pic of her in it online. So on last night’s episode I saw her in it in the opener and took a pic of my tv (don’t judge me). Anyway if I’m not mistaken, Mo’s dress is the same as this one that I found from Chic and Curvy Boutique. It’s called the pink to purple ombre print bodycon and is available in sizes 1X-3X for only $48 for us curvy girls!