Halloween Costume: “Harley Quinn”


Last night I attended the premiere of the movie “Suicide Squad”. The movie was AWESOME by the way. I was intrigued by one of the main villains, Harley Quinn. As I was sitting in the theater I was thinking to myself, wow, I wanna be her for Halloween. 

Low and behold I received an email today from Torrid and they have a collection solely of Suicide Squad themed apparel inclusive of some of Harley Quinn’s fashion choices. This was right up my alley because she had a few costumes in the movie that I really liked. I’m really digging these items below:


Suicide Squad Collection Harley Sequin Skater Dress, $74.90, Sizes 12-28


Suicide Squad Collection Harley Quinn Lil’ Monster Raglan Tee, $44.90


Suicide Squad Collection Harley Quinn Bomber Jacket, $88.90