Trend Alert: “Floral Cardigans”


Each season comes a different trend or two. For this Spring I took notice that floral cardigans are on trend. Recently blogger Marie Denee did a post on The BodyCon and Cardigan Combo and I want to piggy back on that but focus more on the print of the cardigan, floral. It can be either a short cardigan or long one. What I love is the fact that a cardigan can be paired up with a dress, shorts or jeans. Celebs such as Monyetta Shaw and Shaunie Oneal on “Basketball Wives” have been spotted in this trend. Here are a few style options below:


Floral Cardigan from Wal-Mart, $17.88

00086998-01 (1)

Forever 21 Floral Cardigan, $22.90


Blogger Kristina of “Trendy Curvy” in the floral cardigan trend with jeans


Monyetta Shaw in the long floral cardigan trend with shorts