“The Slay For A Purpose Fashion Show”


On Saturday, October 28th I had the pleasure to attend a fashion show with a great cause behind it. It was called “Slay For A Purpose Fashion Show” presented by The Faces Behind a Purpose for You. This event was to bring awareness to Domestic Violence through fashion as well as a talent showcase for kids, men, and women. It was awesome. It started off with praise dancing and a skit focused on the signs of domestic abuse. This was the second year for this show and I see that this will be an event to look forward to many years to come. ! The Faces Behind a Purpose for You, is a nonprofit organization founded by Timika Cousins in Richmond, VA, that provides support, encouragement, enrichment activities, and strategies for men and women (and their families) going through domestic violence and sexual abuse, giving them the opportunity to learn from their circumstances and understand that they can continue to progress despite horrific past experiences. Personal tragedy led Timika Cousins to become an advocate against domestic violence after her beloved cousin was murdered by an abusive husband in 2014. Ms. Cousins’ concern — and compassion — led her to create The Faces Behind The Purpose For You, an organization that supports victims of domestic violence. Two months after the organization was formed in August 2016, Ms. Cousins presented “Slay for a Purpose Fashion Show” to raise awareness and funds to support these victims.

“Some of our models are victims of abuse and we do a makeover for them,” says Ms. Cousins. “We show them, through fashion, that they are beautiful and they are still somebody.”

A few of the Fashion Designers for the show included Black Diamond by Ramona Phillips, Dee’s Couture Fashion by Deborah Cooper, and Mia Shoes by Charmia Smith.







(Above) Pics via Facebook

Domestic violence and sexual abuse are common factors related to death, low self-esteem, environmental problems, health problems, and an overall issue affecting one’s life. Domestic violence can be categorized in several different ways such as physical, mental, emotional, economical, etc. and is mostly associated with some form of sexual abuse whether endured directly or indirectly. Every 9 seconds in the U.S. a woman is assaulted or beaten.

Learn more about The Faces Behind a Purpose for You at:

Web: http://thefacesbehindapurposeforyou.org/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFacesBehindAPurposeForYou/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/behindapurpose


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