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The Best (of Bella Styles) 2013

With the end of the year closing tomorrow comes a self reflection of the past 12 months of fashion for me in 2013. I have shared many top trends, fashion advice and celeb… Continue reading

OOTD: “Normal Is Boring”

I was online shopping a few weeks ago and came across this unique shirt on the Rainbow website. It is a crop-top with faux-leather sleeves with the writing “Normal Is Boring” across the front. That… Continue reading

Grab Her Style: “Beyonce’s Leather Moto-Coat While Shopping In Wal-Mart”

Singer Beyonce stopped by a Wal-Mart in Massachusetts on Friday night to pick up a toy for Blue Ivy, a copy of her own new album and to drop over $37,000 in gift… Continue reading


I have been waiting for months for the new Asos Black for Curve Collection to drop. When I first saw a few of the pieces on other bloggers post I was excited for… Continue reading

OOTD for Skorch Magazine: “The Scarlett & Jo Powerfit Dress”

I recently was contacted by the team of Scarlett & Jo for Evans about doing a review. I decided to choose the SCARLETT & JO CREAM CONTRAST POWERFIT DRESS as my review pick. I went… Continue reading

OOTD: “Brand New Me”

So while working on this Just My Size Fashion Friday’s Project I had an epiphany, I need a new look. My stylist, Shakeita, of IM-IJ Group, and I had been discussing me getting a bob hairstyle… Continue reading

Grab Her Style: “Queen Latifah’s Leopard Print Asos Dress”

Sitting here catching up on my DVR’d shows I see that today Queen Latifah wore Asos for her segment. I was ecstatic when I saw this. Not only because as I’ve said before, we finally have someone… Continue reading

Virtual OOTD: “Get the Tom Ford Boots and Cage Trend Look”

So I see that the cage trend is back on the scene. While shopping on the Asos website I discovered a new item called the Exclusive Kimono In Cage Mesh ($71.19) that is a must have. But… Continue reading

Grab Her Style: “Queen Latifah’s Asos Dress”

  I had seen Queen Latifah wear this black and white Asos dress on the very first day of her new talk show. But when I went to research it, it was already… Continue reading

Grab Her Style: “Khloe Kardashian’s Silver Studded Dress”

Looking through pics on the web of Khloe Kardashian I came across one that struck my attention. You see according to blogger Kellie Brown of “And I Get Dressed”, the Asos Curve brand… Continue reading