Daily Archive: July 18, 2010

Home Furniture & Accent Pieces

Along with all of  my other “jack-of-all-trades” duties, home decorating is one of them. I usually change my house around 3 times a year. Friends always come over admiring my decorations and they love… Continue reading

The Nintendo DSi XL and 3DS

You know how when kids are babies  you usually can give them a pacifier to suck on when they become restless? But what do you pacify them with when they become 6 years old and… Continue reading

Back-To-School Savings for Kids at Macy’s


“The Look For Less”: Rachel Pally vs. Maximum Woman & Kiyonna

Ok here we have a dress that I’ve had my eye on for over two years. The Rachel Pally Caftan dress at Nordstrom. I’ve ordered this designer brand before and the material of her… Continue reading

OOTD: Asos Curve One-Shoulder Print Maxi Dress

Am I the only one who has seen something in a store or online and been like, “I have to have that?”. I literally dreamed about this dress after I saw it. It’s… Continue reading

“Curves at Full Throttle Bike & Fashion Show”: Review

I was originally supposed to be in New York today for another event but due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up staying here in Richmond. But that turned out not to be a… Continue reading